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Aestiva Purchase Order Software - Footprint

The footprint of Aestiva Purchase Order (the hard-disk space used) is the disk space used for the Array engine, application files, system cache files (files used during program execution), and purchase order records.

Aestiva's binary engine plus application files take about 20 Megabytes. Space occupied by Aestiva's system caching files depends on user activity which depends on the number of forms in the system. Forms are typically under 100K each.

In general, hard disk space is related to the number and size of the forms stored. A chart showing recommended hard-disk space availability is shown below. Hard disk space usage will vary.

Space for Attached Files
If you will be attaching bid documents, RFQs and other files to your PO forms then allow space for the attachments. When attachments are used they can demand more space than the application. Plan accordingly.

Hard Disk Usage

Per Year
Hard Disk Space
(No Attachments)
Hard Disk Space
(With Attachments)
500 100 Meg 1.1 Gig
5,000 500 Meg 3.5 Gig
50,000 1,000 Meg 11.0 Gig


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