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Aestiva provides a wide variety of automation for the oil and gas industry. As a paperwork automation company we can do just about anything. Our most popular deliveries are in the procurement software and field service arenas.

Custom is King
As a world-leader in paperwork automation you'll enjoy powerful and carefree technology. Your automation is customized to fit your Oil and Gas firm. Whether you're an oil and gas field service provider, a drilling operation or an exploration firm, the customization of forms so they record sites, fields, rigs, leases, etc, is included with your design.

These electronic forms give you the ability to record expenses including costs of excavation and surface site preparation, drilling rig rentals, fuel, drillpipe, bits, casing, cement and logging, testing of the well, etc. Orders may be placed from staff in the field or in the home office.

Systems Integration
Aestiva's systems integrate with accounting systems popular in the oil and gas industry. We integrate with systems from SSI, Firestream, Wolfepak and more general accounting systems such as MS Dynamics, Quickbooks, and Navision.

AFE and beyond
Aestiva's Oil and gas systems provide AFE spend reporting plus general reporting that gives you the ability to produce reports on all information recorded. Whether you want to report on AFE, Site/Rig/Field/Lease, or any other field on your Purchase Order or Field Entry form, Aestiva's advanced reporting system can produce the reports you need. Advanced reporting features are always included with purchase.

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More Value
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   More Value.

  • Products can integrate with non-Aestiva products.
  • Products include dynamic reporting system.
  • Products are multi-language ready.
  • Products include detailed audit trail.
  • Products can be extended with special features.
  • Products utilize user-friendly paper-like forms.
  • Products are affordable.
  • Products can be installed on your server.
  • Products can also be installed on the cloud.
  • Products can be scaled across multiple servers.
  • End-user and admin side is 100% browser-based.
  • Products are assembled and delivered fast.
  • Prices on-line include end-to-end customer support.
  • Products require limited or no in-house IT support.
  • Products can be combined with other Aestiva products.
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